About US

Vision And Mission

Om mantra is a movement of producers wholesalers, retailers and advocates working to promote socialeconomic and environmental justice. Some of the principles of fair trade include; fair wages.Environmental sustainable practices, safe and healthy working conditions, financial and technical support,long term relationship, and respect for cultural identity. When you purchase from Om mantra you join anetwork that enables village artisans to stay on their land and with their families. They don’t have to leavefor weeks at a time to work at far away factories. These artisans can now support their families, improvevillage economics, and strengthen the economic position for artisans and gender equality through thisprocess of direct trade and fair prices. In this partnership, Nepal artisans express their artistic talents andspur their creativity is developing unique lines of craft accessories. This empowers them to conserve theircultural traditions in a financially viable way. Their creative freedom allows us to provide unique andhigh quality hand crafted items to you. At the deepest essence, our mission is to create a direct linkbetween you and the many talented artisans in Nepal.

Om mantra and Ethical policy

AA Handicrafts support and promote fair trade principles in all aspects of the business. We only sell ourproducts from suppliers who source products from local artists, communities and craftsmen. We believethat producers should be representative of the religions and communities of the area and both male andfemale craftsmen are employed through the various stages of production. AA Handicrafts believe thateducation is critical to any community. As such child labor is not tolerated. we visit the producers that wework with regularly to inspect production conditions and to maintain personal relationships with thecraftsmen. We aim to ensure that products are made from sustainable and legal raw materials throughcarefully chosen suppliers. All shipping materials should be recyclable. We aim to recycle and re-usewherever possible and are supplied with green energy.

Cultural Crafts…

Nepal’s cultural craft heritage is particularly impressive considering the range of different crafts and therange of different culturally identifiable artisan communities. For example, Nepal is famous for its WoodCarving, Cotton Cloth, Nepalese paper, Tibetan Handicraft, Tibetan Incense, Buddhist and Hindu statue,woolen item and the particularly unique costumes and jewelry of Tibetan Design and Nepalese Design.These artistic traditions are sometimes divided into groups.